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Project Detail for Church of the Immaculate Conception & St. Patrick

Project Name Church of the Immaculate Conception & St. Patrick
Location Bandon
Original Builder Hugh Russell of London (possibly) enlarged by J. Walker in 1828

Open Diapason 8ft (large)
Open diapason 8ft
Stopped Diapason 8ft
Principal 4ft
Flute 4ft
Twelfth 2 2/3ft
Fifteenth 2ft
Mixture II
Trumpet 8ft


Open Diasason 8ft
Flute 8ft
Dulciana 8ft
Principal 4ft
Hautbois 8ft


Gamba 8ft
Lieblich Gedact 8ft
Dulciana 8ft
Flute 4ft
Cremona 8ft


Open Diapason 16ft


Choir to Pedal
Great to Pedal


From the Very Revd John Kingston PP
Parochial House,
Co. Cork.

The Church of the Immaculate Conception & St. Patrick, Bandon is privileged to have had the services of Neiland Organ Builders (Wexford) to restore the organ originally built in 1808. At a recital on the newly restored organ given by Mr. Colin Nichols, those present had the opportunity of hearing the organ at its best and also the opportunity to hear sounds that had not been heard for a very long time. Thanks to Paul Neiland, Gary Creane and their team for gacing us with their combined expertise and craftsmanship in restoring our 1808 organ to pristine condition.

Yours sincerely,
Very Revd John Kingston PP

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